Nationals Wellington 2024

June 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Thanks to John Baird for his inspiration and assistance in producing these online results

Round 22: Final Results

Grade A

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Howard Warner520Dylan Early382138161182
Peter Sinton464Gil Quiballo3798515852
Gil Quiballo379Peter Sinton464-8514593
Joanne Craig434Chris Tallman3666814534
Lawson Sue467Cicely Bruce459814213
Chris Tallman366Joanne Craig434-6813.51002
Dylan Early382Howard Warner520-13812387
Cicely Bruce459Lawson Sue467-89.5-341
Scott Chaput406Karen Richards40428-521
Mike Currie406Paul Richards3051016-1405
Paul Richards305Mike Currie406-1015-1089
Karen Richards404Scott Chaput406-25-1407

Grade B

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Anderina McLean385Herb Ramsay35629171285
Nick Ascroft402Val Mills35943161055
Glenyss Buchanan462Rosemary Cleary3986413372
Lois Binnie284Murray Rogers386-10213-124
Val Mills359Nick Ascroft402-4312684
Laura Griffiths379Yoon Kim Fong37181146
Rosemary Cleary398Glenyss Buchanan462-6411-134
Jennifer Smith560Lorraine Van Veen32223810-183
Yoon Kim Fong371Laura Griffiths379-810-392
Murray Rogers386Lois Binnie2841028-613
Lorraine Van Veen322Jennifer Smith560-2388-651
Herb Ramsay356Anderina McLean385-293-1345

Grade C

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Vicky Robertson431Rosalind Phillips3805113834
Clare Wall445Helen Sillis438713388
Yvette Hewlett456Chris Bell4451113249
Mary Gray319Jean O'Brien358-3913-36
Chris Bell445Yvette Hewlett456-1112364
Peter Johnstone379Lynn Wood339401225
Bernie Jardine413Karen Miller3941911297
Helen Sillis438Clare Wall445-711131
Lynn Wood339Peter Johnstone379-409-273
Rosalind Phillips380Vicky Robertson431-519-362
Karen Miller394Bernie Jardine413-199-840
Jean O'Brien358Mary Gray319397-777

Grade D

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Nola Borrell369Cathy Casey3591017740
Suzanne Liddall457Alexander Gandar501-44161333
Alexander Gandar501Suzanne Liddall4574415847
Cathy Casey359Nola Borrell369-1013279
Su Walker379Tara Hurley393-1412335
Tara Hurley393Su Walker3791411-266
Megg Hewlett394Michael Hyndman454-6011-376
Fran Lowe433Carolyn Kyle3478610-217
Marian Ross373Jena Yousif393-20926
Carolyn Kyle347Fran Lowe433-869-554
Betty Eriksen363Ruth Groffman412-498-321
Jena Yousif393Marian Ross373208-384
Ruth Groffman412Betty Eriksen363498-886
Michael Hyndman454Megg Hewlett394607-556

Grade E

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Sue Hensley395Suzanne Harding3791618922
Calum Henderson493Anne Scatchard27322016958
Suzanne Harding379Sue Hensley395-1615715
Geoff Vautier396Rodney Jardine3504615483
Malcolm Graham356Patricia Bennett3144215408
Anne Scatchard273Calum Henderson493-22014368
Patricia Bennett314Malcolm Graham356-4214363
Vicki Jones345.1<Bye1>05011175
Rodney Jardine350Geoff Vautier396-4610194
Jacqui McVie355Maheu Papau T-Pole376-218-208
Jan Rivers310Cooper Ashley317-77-426
Maheu Papau T-Pole376Jacqui McVie355216-1049
Cooper Ashley317Jan Rivers31075-1803

Statistics for round 22

Highest individual score: 560 (Jennifer Smith)

Highest combined score: 958 (Suzanne Liddall vs Alexander Gandar)

Largest spread: 238 (Jennifer Smith vs Lorraine Van Veen)

Statistics for rounds 1-22

Highest individual score: 612 (Dylan Early in round 4)

Highest combined score: 1036 (Karen Richards vs Mike Currie in round 4)

Largest spread: 308 (Dylan Early vs Scott Chaput in round 14)